Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vacay in Vietnam

Over Chinese New Year, we packed our bags and headed to Vietnam for the week with our friends Frank, Kristin, and their sweet pea, Lennon. 

We stayed in Ho Chi Minh for two nights and then headed to Hoi An for the remainder of the break, where we also met Kurt's parents. 

We loved it so much, we're already planning on our next trip back! 

In Hoi An, we stayed in a seaside fishing village outside of town.
 It was magical.
 I honestly felt like we were on a movie set, or at Epcot... except, it was real life, which made it surreal!  Everyone had such unique houses. I loved that the villagers kept their doors and windows open, so nosy people like me can peek in. Everyone in the village was extremely sweet and friendly. 

On a daily basis, strangers would run up to Sawyer and talk to him, gently tug on him, offer to hold him, and even kiss him! There was so much life in the village. We were there during the  Vietnamese New Year holiday, Tet, so it was fun to see all of the celebrating that took place... Even the "karaoke" down the road from our villa (aka speakers blaring the same man chanting for hours on end)

Poor Sawyer got an icky cough near the end of our trip, so it put us out of commission for a couple of days. We ended up taking him to a clinic about 30 minutes away to make sure it wasn't anything serious. Happy to report that he is back to his normal goofy self :)

A dragon dance outside of our hotel in Ho Chi Minh

At the Vietnam War Museum, this definitely made my heart heavy.

A local market down the road from our villa in Hoi An

Veggie Vendors

The road leading to our villa 

Sawyer was mesmerized by the ocean 

Dinner at a restaurant that gets the veggies fresh from their beautiful garden (behind us)

Loved the style of houses, beautiful woodwork and colors

Downtown Hoi An 

Temple with Kurt's parents

Incense burning in a beer can

Water buffalo (picture via my mother in-law). 

...Until we meet again Vietnam!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

6 Months (a little late)


Six months old baby boy... that's half a year! Holy Cow... I honestly can't believe it. I feel like you were just born yesterday and then I blinked, and now we're here. You have had quite the month.

You sprouted two teeth and chew on EVERYTHING. I mean, you might chew on more things then Oliver, now that is impressive. Daddy discovered that you love playing peek-a-boo. You giggle and giggle and jump excitedly up and down in your seat every time we appear. You and your jumperoo are a match made in heaven. You jump in it for 25 minutes at a time babbling to yourself and shrieking. We started feeding you some solids. We've tried bananas, sweet potatoes, and applesauce. You are not a fan so far...but we will keep trying. We also give you a little bit of water in a sippy cup everyday and you haven't decided what you think about it yet. It mostly just spills all over you ;) For a while you would not want to be rocked to sleep anymore, if daddy or I put you in your crib you would roll over and fall to sleep on your own. It made my heart a bit heavy because I love rocking you to sleep, but now you're letting me rock you to sleep again at times and others you will put yourself to sleep... it's a win-win! Yesterday, you started sitting up all by yourself and wobble over, doing a mini-face plant (hehe).

I can't believe how fast you're growing. I love you more and more everyday, if that's even possible.