Wednesday, February 12, 2014

6 Months (a little late)


Six months old baby boy... that's half a year! Holy Cow... I honestly can't believe it. I feel like you were just born yesterday and then I blinked, and now we're here. You have had quite the month.

You sprouted two teeth and chew on EVERYTHING. I mean, you might chew on more things then Oliver, now that is impressive. Daddy discovered that you love playing peek-a-boo. You giggle and giggle and jump excitedly up and down in your seat every time we appear. You and your jumperoo are a match made in heaven. You jump in it for 25 minutes at a time babbling to yourself and shrieking. We started feeding you some solids. We've tried bananas, sweet potatoes, and applesauce. You are not a fan so far...but we will keep trying. We also give you a little bit of water in a sippy cup everyday and you haven't decided what you think about it yet. It mostly just spills all over you ;) For a while you would not want to be rocked to sleep anymore, if daddy or I put you in your crib you would roll over and fall to sleep on your own. It made my heart a bit heavy because I love rocking you to sleep, but now you're letting me rock you to sleep again at times and others you will put yourself to sleep... it's a win-win! Yesterday, you started sitting up all by yourself and wobble over, doing a mini-face plant (hehe).

I can't believe how fast you're growing. I love you more and more everyday, if that's even possible.



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