Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sawyer: 8 Months

We officially have a 8 month old baby on my hands, yikes! :)

Height/Weight: Daddy took you to the doctor this week and you are 9.4 kgs= 20.7 lbs and about 70 cm long (27.5 in).

Eating: You're eating about every 4 hours. Your eating schedule is about the same as it was last month except you are eating a bit more solids. You have 2oz of solids (give or take) at every meal and are eating like a champ.

We also introduced eggs (yolk), mango, watermelon, kiwi, green beans, and puffs. Last night you ate a few puffs all by yourself after you proceeded to wipe pumpkin literally all over your face. Lately, there has been a lot of food flinging during mealtime...luckily you have your very own clean up crew (aka Winston & Oliver).

P.S. Peas are one of your new favs, which is hilarious because you weren't a fan last month.

Sleeping: You're still taking 2-3 solid naps per day and you really depend on them, so I try to plan things around those times. If you miss a nap, you are not a happy camper! At night, we have the same bedtime/sleep routine as we've had, and it's been going well for the most part.

Clothes: Same as last month. 6-12 months or 9 month clothing at the moment.

  • Eating (haha)
  • Remotes, phones, computers...basically everything that you SHOULDN'T have, you want to play with
  • Drinking water out of a cup 
  • Watching the dogs play and trying to get in on their action
  • Your jumperoo 
  • Bathtime
  • Being thrown in the air
  • Hitching a ride on daddy's shoulders

  • Being overtired
  • Getting your face wiped off 
  • Sitting in one place for too long
  • Green beans (hoping this will change by next month!)
  • Being in hot weather
  • Not being able to get what you want (aka anything you can't reach or something someone else has)

New Developments:
You started crawling! It takes you a bit of time, but you are on the move and we have been busy trying to contain you to certain areas. This weekend, we will have to officially start "babyproofing," especially all of daddy's fancy schmancy tech gear. When you see something you want, there's no stopping you! 

Showing off your new skills 
(and yes... we put a mattress pad in the living room)

Bros for life 

You and your Péngyǒu (friend), Anika. 

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