Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We Bought a House!

I've kind of fallen of the bloggin' bandwagon the past few weeks. We have been busy with school, reports, etc. and buying a house!

We weren't actively "looking" to buy, but we always had it on our radar as part of our future plans. Kurt's parents have a lake house in northern Wisconsin (what us Wisconsites refer to as "up north"). We always dreamed of how amazing it would be to live on the same lake as his parents and "boat" on over and dock at their house for visits. We also want our own place to call home so that we can have a "constant" sense of home in Sawyer's life since he is a TCK (third culture kid). And let's be honest, who knows what our future plans entail or where we might end up next...Timbuktu?

I happened to be looking for fun and found our house. We went back and forth emailing the realtor and have spent the last couple of weeks figuring everything out and now we are in the process of finalizing everything. You can imagine how crazy interesting it's been to do it all 7,000 miles away. We are set to close on March 20th... fingers crossed! We are so excited to make "up north" magical memories with Sawyer and can't wait for him to explore nature all summer long.

Family and friends, you are welcome to visit us anytime!! :) My favorite part of the house is the boathouse. We are hoping to turn it into a mini-guest house down the road...or maybe we would just like to camp out there?!

It is overwhelming and exciting planning to furnish a house, considering we don't have much left in the states since we moved to China (good thing it's tiny!). We also have a limited time in the states,  mid June-early August. I have so many ideas filling my head and started pinning some inspiration to help me stay focused. We are definitely going to start by ripping out the old carpeting and painting.

A few of the yard & back of the house from the lake

A view off the dock (boathouse on the left)

Some decoration inspiration:

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