Monday, June 2, 2014

Sawyer 9 & 10 Months

I have fallen of the blog bandwagon' a bit in the last I'm doing Sawyer's 9 & 10 month update together instead. 

Where has the time gone? How is my baby boy in the double digits of months already? Seriously 2 months until his first birthday?! I feel like we just brought this little guy back from the hospital, like...yesterday! 

Height/Weight: Not sure, we skipped our 9 month check-up...but you feel quite heavy to lift ;) 

Eating: You're eating about every 4 hours still. You have started to use your fingers more to eat food. Cheerios are your favorite thing in the wold. I think you might turn into a cheerio soon because you could just keep eating them! You're  a big fan of peas and carrots as far as veggies go. Last week, you decided that you didn't like avocado (weird since you loved it before) and I think you have a sweet tooth like mommy because you're all about the fruits (applesauce, banana, mango, etc). You've tried chicken a few times and seem to approve. 

Sleeping: You've dropped one of your naps, so now you nap 2x a day. Once in the morning for about an hour and then a longer one in the afternoon for about and hour and a half. You still really thrive on your nap routine and become a monster if you miss one or become overtired! ;) Every time I come in your room to pick you up, you're standing in the crib peeking out at me. 

Clothes: 9 month clothing is a bit too tight in the length, so we've moved on to 6-12 months clothing. It fits you pretty comfortably at the moment. 


  • Cheerios
  • Everything that's NOT a toy
  • Cruising around 
  • Hiding under tables
  • Standing up 
  • Bath time
  • Chasing balls (I think you're hanging out with Winston and Oliver too much ha!)
  • Stroller rides
  • Making silly screeching noises to get mommy or daddy's attention

  • Being overtired
  • Getting your face wiped off 
  • Sitting in one place for too long (this should be interesting for our plane ride back to the states....)
  • Cheese (are you really my child?!)
  • Going down for naps 
  • Being away from mommy (breaks my heart leaving you in the morning for school)

New Developments:
You're a speed demon! If I turn around for a second and look back, you're already in a different room. I feel like daddy and I spend 95% of our time chasing you around the apartment.   

You've also started pulling yourself up and walking along the couch. At first, I was VERY nervous because you weren't very stable and had a few tumbles. Now you've figured out how to gracefully get down (you put a knee down to the floor and then the other one). 

The top two teeth have made their grand debut... you were a trooper about the whole ordeal. They are about halfway through, you look like such a big boy now. 

Shutting doors intrigues you, also making me nervous, luckily I found a door stopper to put in our doors so you can't shut your fingers in them. Today, you started to cry/whine because you couldn't shut the door because of  the stopper... sorry buddy. 

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