Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Spirit

I saw this version of Little Drummer Boy on Facebook and I fell in love with it. Totally put me more in the Christmas spirit (if that's even possible).

I've also been playing Christmas music non-stop while my second graders work for the past oh... I don't know... three weeks?! (don't judge...) A Very She & Him Christmas has the best songs ever! 

They are probably getting WAY sick of my holiday playlist, but that's what they have to put up with when they have me as a teacher. 

Things I'm most looking forward to about being in the U.S. for Christmas:

  1. The smell of a REAL Christmas tree (ahhh... pine, I can ALMOST smell it now)
  2. Snow (no needed explanation)
  3. Home-cooked Christmas food & deserts (We've gone to nice brunches the past two years for Christmas in Thailand & Cambodia which have been AMAZING, but it's just not the same as having special, family Christmas dishes)
  4. Taking Sawyer to see Santa
  5. Christmas lights (there's a drive through light display that we will definitely go to...largest in WI!)
  6. Christmas drinks at Starbucks... mmmm
and most of all...
Spending time with my family and friends! :) 

There was a book sale at our school today, which is a pretty deal since buying books in China is not an easy task. I couldn't resist getting little man something, so I bought him the book, Henry's Holiday.

Oh my word, it is the cutest book. It is from the UK, so you might not be able to purchase it easily in the U.S. It's about this baby penguin named Henry, who is too cold. So he decides to jump on a cruise ship and finds himself on a tropical island. But, he gets too hot, feels miserable, and lonely on the island (he misses his mommy). He ends up swimming all the way back home and realizes that "the grass is always greener on the other side." My favorite part is in the end, 

"And when he cuddled Mummy Penguin, he felt warm all over, and inside as well." 

So clearly, this book had to find its way home with me. 

What are some of your favorite holiday books and holiday songs? 

I'll leave you with a few photos of our past two Christmas' abroad... 

Christmas 2011- Chiang Mai, Thailand


Kurt's parents & us

 Elephant Sanctuary 

Cambodia Christmas 2012 
(I was pregnant with Sawyer, he was just a little bean then!)

At Raffles for brunch on Christmas

Angkor Wat

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