Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

I can't believe I'm writing your 12 month update. I know that every parent says, "time flies," but it truly does! 
I am so proud of the little person you're becoming and I feel beyond honored and humbled to be your momma. 
There are  definitely a fair share of busy/chaotic days and sleepless nights, but being your mommy is priceless and the most rewarding thing that I've ever done in my life. 

You've taught me so much: patience, flexibility, humor in stressful situations, sacrifice, resourcefulness, and most importantly... love beyond measure. I strive to be the best person and mom that I can be because of you. Thank you for making me a momma and being my sweet baby, Sawyer. 

To celebrate your birthday, we had a camp themed "pre-birthday" party for you at our little cabin and you are so blessed because so many friends and family came to celebrate you. We are so grateful that we have such wonderful people in our life. You got a lot of hugs, kisses, and attention and you loved every second of it. 

I made this little video to remember some important moments of your first year.

Height/Weight: 29.5 inches & 24.2 lbs, I am feeling it in my arms ;) 

Eating: You sure know what you like. Lately, you want whatever I'm eating...when we were out to eat at our last dinner in Wisconsin, you stole a sweet potato fry off my plate, sneaky baby! You're eating three meals a day plus a snack here and there. I'm still nursing 2x a day (morning and bedtime) and have tried introducing cows milk at lunch time last week. I don't think your on the milk bandwagon quite yet, but I'm sure you'll get there. Some of your favorites include: shredded cheese (go figure), black beans with garlic powder, chickpeas with garlic powder, turkey, Kirkland 9 grain crackers. Funny story about those crackers. We stuffed like .... 6 packs in our suitcases to bring back to China because you are so obsessed. You did try eggs and peanut butter, with no reaction.. yay! I'm not sure if you're still allergic to yogurt, I'm too afraid to try it again at this point, so I think we'll wait until your a year and a half or so. 

Sleep: You're refusing to sleep at this very moment, ha! I think you've been a trooper with jetlag coming back to China. You've been sleeping through the night like a champ. Sometimes, you've been skipping your afternoon nap and taking one longer A.M. nap, so we'll see if it stays that way. When I put you to sleep, you rest your little head on my shoulder and cuddle me, but sometimes try to wiggle free to jump into your crib (which I think is a good thing?)

Clothes: Still in 12 mo. clothing, but some are getting a little snug... I think we'll be able to get a bit more wear out of the 12 mo. clothing, which is awesome! 

  • Using your wheely bug to push around the apartment...sometimes you chase the dogs with it too!
  • Pushing anything around the house (chairs, laundry baskets, etc.)
  • Opening and closing drawers, and tearing everything that was folded so neatly out of the drawers
  • Turning on the bathtub faucet, and trying to open the toilet cover to play in the toilet water, YUCK!
  • Playing with remotes and phones 
  • Waving hello to everyone
  • Clapping

  • Being overtired
  • Not getting your way
  • I'm actually having a hard time with this list because you're such a mellow, easy going little guy! 

New Developments:
  • You are taking a few steps on your own back and forth from mommy and daddy
  • Clapping on demand
  • Waving hi and bye 
  • Giving kisses on command (you've been doing this for a while but you're pretty good at it now!)

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