Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our November

November has been a bit chaotic and busy. Here's a little breakdown of our month.

EAL Conference
A couple of weeks ago, our school hosted an EAL conference with almost 200 participants that my team organized. Kurt was away for part of the weekend coaching basketball and I didn't get to see Sawyer much. Our ayi (nanny) stayed with Sawyer and the poor guy had a 101 fever, so I had to run home to give him medicine, and get hurry back to the conference. I think the culprit was teeth as a few new molars have sprouted and he was quite fussy for a few days. 

There was even cotton candy

Sawyer Update
Sawyer is turning into quite the character. He knows what he wants and has an opinion about EVERYTHING. He's starting to have temper tantrums (throwing himself on the floor crying if he doesn't get what he wants) and very clingy, pulling on my leg demanding to be picked up. Terrible twos early?!

He's loving reading books and watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates before bed. Good grief that song is going to forever be stuck in my head! He dances around to the songs and will lay down on a pillow and blanket and cuddle me.  Today, he was pretending to mix food in an empty jar and then began feeding me with the spoon (so sweet).

He definitely loves the holidays like his mom. Sawyer is obsessed with our Christmas tree. If the lights aren't turned on, he will point and whine at the tree until someone turns them on...then he starts to clap and giggle. 

Our little Christmas tree

He's not talking yet...he will say momma and dadda but that's about it. For all I know he's trying to speak in Chinese! He understands far more Chinese than English, since our ayi, Karen speaks in Chinese to him all day. She will ask him to get his shoes and he will do it. We will ask him in English and he stares at us. I'm not worried though, because the language will come on it's own time. I have also heard that language can be delayed in bilingual households. 

Sawyer having the time of his life at his friend's 2nd birthday party.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with two other teacher families this year. I made pumpkin pie for the first time ever...and I'm happy to report that it turned out great!  I may have eaten pumpkin pie for breakfast the next morning too. My friend Kristin made the most delicious homemade stuffing that I'm still dreaming about. Sawyer didn't want any of the food, go figure. So instead, he ate oranges (at least someone ate healthy to balance the rest of us out). It was nice, low-key dinner and I left feeling stuffed. Thanksgiving 2014 for the win.

Sawyer and his Thanksgiving oranges

Winter Bazaar
Every December, our school hosts a Winter Bazaar featuring yummy food from all around the world, games, and some shopping. We haven't been able to go for the past two years, and I was excited that we were able to make it this year. The Bazaar was packed and there was a ton of good food, but the booths sold out quickly (aka basically, I just ate deserts). My favorite were the Swedish waffles (which reminds me... I REALLY want a waffle maker) and Brazilian treats. Santa even made an appearance. 

I love the festive international flag decorations.

We couldn't pass up this photo op 

Santa is a popular guy

A snapshot of the Bazaar

Movember booth

...and onto December!

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