Friday, January 24, 2014

Our Chinese Abode

Here is our little abode in China. We are fortunate enough to have an "ayi" who takes care of Sawyer while I'm working and also does housekeeping...otherwise our apartment would not be quite as clean ;) 

Most apartments in China come "furnished" which means that most of our furniture came with the apartment. So, we have to work with what we have. You may notice that every room is a shade of grey/blue.. apparently I am drawn to beachy colors :) We just moved in this past summer so it is still a work in progress! 

Living room
We spend most of our time here, and you can see Oliver sitting in my spot on the couch! There is a balcony outside which is where our washer and dryer are located. 

I love our bamboo tree in our living room. I want to figure out some sort of storage to hide all of those ugly cords underneath the TV.

A close up of our photo wall above the couch.

Got this wooden design in Cambodia

View of our entrance, kitchen, and dining area

Dining area
I really want to get an art piece from one our future travels to put above the empty wall above the table.

Our secret shoe storage

It is very long and narrow, but I love the amount of counter space we have, esp. for China.

Master bedroom (that we are currently sharing with Sawyer at the moment)
Not pictured: our master closet & bathroom (behind the door)

Sawyer's room
My favorite corner where we rock him and read him bedtime stories :)

His changing pad will also go on here when he "moves in" to his bedroom

His book shelves (I want to add a couple of more to this soon, we are quickly running out of space).

 Bathroom #1

Guest room 
Friends & family, you're welcomed to stay with us any time! :) 

Built in storage where I try to make all our "junk" look presentable ;)

Guest bed
Still in search of artwork for over the bed and possibly to change out the duvet cover.
Also, weird design... part of the wall is glass and so is the door. At least it lets more light in the room.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of Casa de Callahan :)

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