Friday, January 10, 2014

Sawyer 5 Months

Seriously? How can you be 5 months already?
 5 months is just a few weeks short of 6 months 
...and 6 months means that you're half way to being a one year old... eek!

 You turned 5 months the day after we returned from our trip to the U.S. 
and it was also one day before your daddy's 26th birthday. 

The last week has been a bit rough for you dealing with jet-lag and getting you back on your little schedule here in China. 
But despite that, 
you have been SO smiley and such a little goofball lately. 

You love to cuddle your momma in bed and make sweet noises when you're drifting off to sleep.  
One night on vacation, I woke up to you grabbing my cheeks with both of your hands while making cooing noises...
how could I not giggle at that?

 Your daddy is having a blast playing with you. He is excited over the fact that he can now throw you in the air and you squeal in delight. He does it over and over again. 

You've also taken notice to your two puppies. Your chubby hands grab fistfuls of dog fur.
Your brothers are troopers and just lay there. Your blue eyes stare in amazement when they run around and play. 
Sometimes, you even give them a wide, toothless smile.
I just know that you three are going to be best buds 
and will cause mischief around here, 
and that's how it should be.
Thinking about it makes my heart happy.

I love you little man, more then you will ever know. 
your momma 

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