Monday, October 6, 2014

Thailand Part 1: Ko Lanta

We have just arrived back in China after a ten blissful days in sunny Thailand.
The first four days of our journey started out in Ko Lanta (an island) at a small eco resort on the beach. To say it was relaxing would be an understatement. 

Our mini villa was right outside the pool, so it was perfect when it was Sawyer's nap time because we could just leave him to snooze while we swam or hung out by the pool. We traveled with our friends Kristin and Frank from school and their sweet baby, Lennon. My dear friend Emily and her super cool (yes that is how I'm describing you) fiance, Shawn flew all the way from Wisconsin to explore Thailand with us. I've been friends with Emily since 4th grade and felt so blessed to be able to make special memories with her on this trip. 

My favorite part of Ko Lanta was when we rented a tuk-tuk and Kurt drove us around the island. We looked ridiculous, but it was all sorts of fun. 
*Stay tuned for a video of this!*

I didn't do the best job of documenting our time in Ko Lanta, I guess I was too busy lounging... but we all did our fair share of sun bathing, drinking fruit shakes, and eating tons of delicious Thai food! 

Here are a few photos that Emily took of us on the beach one afternoon. She is such a talented photographer.

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