Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas in Bali Part 1: Amed

We were in Bali for 17 nights over our winter break. We stayed in three different cities while we were there: Amed, Lovina, and Ubud. 

For the first part of our trip, we went to the northern part of the island to a small town, Amed. This was hands down my favorite part of our trip. We rented a villa with our friends. There were 3 separate houses with bathrooms, an outdoor living room, a pool, and kitchen. It was so relaxing and easy for families with little ones since we could choose to have our meals cooked at the villa (no meltdowns at restaurants, hooray!) I would go back in a heartbeat. 

My dad and his wife, Michelle ended up joining us in Amed since they were staying at a nearby island where they were scuba diving. We basically did a lot of lounging, pool time, eating, kayaking, snorkeling, and reading while we were here.

Our trip to Bali was also a bit tough on me because I found out that my grandma was very sick in the hospital. She ended up passing away a week before Christmas while we were in Amed. It is definitely hard to lose a loved one while living abroad, knowing that I couldn't be there for my family (especially my mom) or attend the funeral. My grandma was a feisty and extremely giving woman. Her grandchildren were the apple of her eye, and I am so heartbroken that she was never able to meet Sawyer (or baby Rosalie). I miss her already, but was able to talk to her briefly from Bali via Skype with a bad internet connection before she passed. 

Here are a few pictures from Amed. You'll notice we didn't really leave the villa much... but who would want to leave such a beautiful place?

Our outdoor shower. I loved taking a shower at night because I could see all of the stars in the sky... beyond beautiful! 

We decided to go on a kayak ride before Sawyer's nap.  He passed out about 10 minutes into the ride. We saw a lot of fish and coral reef.

View from our "yoga tower"

Snorkeling during Sawyer's nap time. 

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